Established in 2010 as a Lebanese based SARL company.

Moonlite Entertainment has acquired its expertise and reputation throughout Entertainment industry.

It all started in 1982 when Mr. Fadi Tayar – Founder and current General Manager of Moonlite Entertainment started to promote local and international artists within the Middle and Far East area, more specifically in Lebanon, China and the Gulf countries.
As the years were passing by, Mr. Tayar managed to build solid connections and collaboration with the leading international booking agencies in order to earn trust and fruitful encouragement accordingly.
Moonlite Entertainment has become a leading agency in the Middle East region, due to its flexibility and efficiency.
Today, Moonlite Entertainment recruits the right personnel for the right event. In other words, no employees are working permanently but the managing team which remains the same and is limited to few people who have proven their professionalism over the years, therefore a harmony is leading to ultimate efficiency.


Moonlite Entertainment expanded its activities to include and not be limited to:

Booking & Logistics:
The main mission is to arrange booking for all international artists - whether exclusive or not – to perform in Lebanon and even abroad.

The process goes vice-versa as well; Moonlite Entertainment believes in the Local astonishing talents and is proud to promote Lebanese Artists in foreign countries mainly Gulf, Africa and Europe.

Moonlite Entertainment handles all the logistics operations for the artist(s).

Pre-handling and Post-handling of Visas, Shipments of equipment, General  Security formalities, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Tourism paperwork (when applicable), artists insurance, event insurance, artists accommodation and inland transportation, and many more when required.

Event management:
Upon request, Moonlite Entertainment goes into production of any event from its  A to Z, as it remains one of the very few companies believing and emphasizing on the vitality of pre-production, feasibility studies, action plans, coordination of technicalities, etc…

When it comes the production itself, and cooperating with the Elite of on-site management companies and providers of sound, light and any equipment or services required, Moonlite Entertainment manages to offer the utmost best quality within the estimated budget of said event.

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